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Q: How to get the resource we bought?
A: We send it to you via the battle. Our castles will go around you with 11m resource each. You can see the video about how to attack us.
Q:How long can I get the resource/Package?
A:We can trade immediately for all kingdoms. We have lots of stocks, you can order the amount you need easier. Any questions, feel free to contact us via livesupport!
Q:How to get the Gold / Package Resource we bought?
A: We will login your account and top up for you. You should offer your account information and the package name you request. (Note: We suggest you change your password after the order done)
Q:How long can I get the Gold?
A: Instant Top up.
Q:Why should I fill the name of the package?
A:The Package is different in each account, you should give us the name of the package to avoid any mistake.
Q:How to get the Items we bought?
A: We send it to you via the mail. You should offer your in game name.
Q:How long can I get the Items?
A: Instant delivery.
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To buy this item, you should make sure:

 1. Your power above 100K.

 2. The delivery time is 27 Hours.

By click here, you agree with the 2 points above.

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